I can give you more information about the great Basic Income  project !

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The Basic Income Token Protocol is an implementation of a

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that provides Universal Basic Income.

The Basic Income currency is designed to be used as a transactional currency.

Universal Basic Income is a critical societal movement that must

exist for the world to continue to function as jobs continue to be replaced by automation.


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We live in a world with more abundant resources than ever before, yet there are still people who struggle to make ends meet.

It is our duty as humans to ensure that every person has access to the core necessities of life.

The Basic Income Token Protocol is a proposal that lays the framework for a DAO with the purpose of distributing Univers

al Basic Income.

Worldwide adoption of the Basic Income Token Protocol will allow the dream of Universal Basic Income to become realized.

The protocol has been designed with practical and proven solutions, with additional functionality to aid mass adoption.


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